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Yearly Project

Welcome to the new school year
and to the 35th year of
Write a book Project!

This year we would like to offer a workshop to those teachers who may not be familiar with the Project.  This workshop will introduce the Write a book Project  and how you can approach it with your class.  It will include  handy tips on how to structure the WAB process with your class, some helpful themes and ideas and a short session on binding, covering and making the books that your pupils will create.  We have set aside the date of Thursday 17th October
for it, from four to six.  Please pass this information to your teachers, in particular to your NQTs – bookings through our website.

The date for exchanging books will be Thursday 6th February 2020, to be read and returned by Thursday 13th, just before mid-term.  As for the ceremony, nothing has been agreed yet.  And, yes, we are hoping to print again the chosen merits of sixth classes.  Copies of 2018 (at €5) and 2019 (at €10) books are still available – you can buy them online or here, in the Centre (for more than five copies please call Cristina on (01) 236 5013 or choose BEC Publishing from our main telephone number).

We’ll keep the registration price of €20 per class, with a maximum of €100 per school, and you can register now by filling the Registration Form and return it to me as soon as it is ready, but no later than Friday 6 th
December!  Once you’re registered I will send you reminders and further updates on the Project.  

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