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Pop-up binding

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TUTORIAL: Pop-up binding

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple pop-up section for a book. The section can then be inserted between the pages of the students' book to create a very colourful and interesting effect.

Step 1: What you need

  • single sheet of paper

  • cut-outs to "pop-up"

  • masking tape/glue

  • scissors

  • pre-bound book

Step 2: Folding the insert

To make the pop-up insert first fold the piece of paper in half

Step 3: Cutting the pop-ups

Decide where you want the flaps to appear and how big they should be. Use a pencil to trace a rough outline on one side of the folded paper.

Tip: The flaps can be big or small but they can also be shaped differently such as star-shaped or round.

Step 4: Folding the tabs

Open the sheet and fold the tabs towards the inside of the sheet

Step 5: Fold and crease

When all the tabs have been folded close the piece of paper (with the tabs inside) and crease the edges of the tabs.

Step 6: Popping-up the book

When the sheet of paper is opened the tabs will pop-up. flap section is complete and is ready to be decorated. It can be used as a cover for a book or as an interesting insert.

Step 7: Adding the cut-outs

Stick/staple cut-outs to each of the folded tabs to create the pop-ups.

Tip: Make sure that the cut-outs are not bigger than the folded sheet so that the pop-ups do not stick out over the edge of the book.

Step 8: The finished product

To complete the book place the pop-up section between the pages of the students' book and glue/staple the sides to the pages of the book.

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