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Activities with books

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Caroline Quinn and Michael O’Reilly devised these "Tried and True Activities with Books" for use with class novels.  You might like to try some of them:

  • Rewrite or retell the story or book as

A play
Short story
Picture book
TV/film script

  • Write an introduction, epilogue, different ending or an additional chapter

  • Design a bookmark, book jacket or front cover for a book using art of ICT techniques

  • Keep a diary from the point of view of one character in a book

  • Write an original dialogue between two characters from a book

  • Make a diorama or frieze/mural depicting the major scene/setting in a particular book

  • Act out a favourite scene from a book using simple puppets

  • Write a letter to the author of a book asking questions about his/her work

  • Dress up as a character from a book or story and tell your story

  • Illustrate the setting for a book/story as a visual map, a travel brochure, a photo album or a travel poster

  • Look at different versions of the same story and make a comparison chart

  • Make a big book, a picture book or wordless book from a favourite story/book

  • Make a class graph of favourite books, authors or characters from books

  • Crete a dictionary of words or facts learned from a particular book

  • Find and read reviews of children’s books.  Give a summary report.  Write your own review

  • Research information about an author using ICT and search engines

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