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Shaped binding

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TUTORIAL: Shaped cover

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a shaped binding. A shaped binding is based on a basic binding and can really add character to a piece of work.

Step 1: What you need

  • 2 sheets of card

  • paper

  • scissors

  • masking tape

  • stapler

  • marker

Step 2: Folding the insert

First of all you must decide on a shape for your cover. In this example we are creating a football shaped cover so we draw the shape using a marker.

Tip: Draw your design about an inch from the edge of the page so that there is enough space left to bind the cover.

Step 3: Collect the book

Once the cover has been designed place the story between a sheet of card (the back cover) and the cover which we have just designed.

Step 4: Bind the book

Bind the book in the usual fashion (click
here to view a tutorial on making a simple binding)

Step 5: Cut out the design

When the book has been bound you can now cut around the shape you have drawn and then decorate the cover.

Step 6: The finished product

The cover is now complete.

Tip: You can create more elaborate desgns by following this method but remember to leave space for a hinge, otherwise the book will not stay together for long.

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