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the rules

To participate

Application/Registration form must be posted/emailed/faxed to the Centre.  Cheques to be made to Blackrock Education Centre.  Fee of €20 per class – maximum €100 per school.  Payment by credit card/bank transfer also available (see details on registration form - here)
(If your school is in a disadvantaged area and this fee poses a problem please get in touch with us.)

-  As part of the Write a Book project classes will be invited to write ‘en bloc’ in either Irish or English.  no mixed bundles, please.

-  All books must use official labels with all relevant information.  The label should be securely affixed to the inside back cover of each book.

-  Two class lists are needed (one for the office and one with the bundle of books).  A class list must accompany each set of books with the total number of books enclosed printed clearly on top.  Check your class list and be sure that an absent book is not listed as it can cause major administrative problems.  A class list must also be attached to each set of books.

-  Books from children with learning difficulties to remain with the class bundle. In the case of the use of a word processor the teacher must sign to verify that it is the child’s own work.  Books must not be commercially bound. Teachers who consider that special attention should be given to a particular book should indicate this on the class list form.

-  To be part of the project we request that each teacher participating will read one set of books.  A set of books will be given to each teacher the day they bring the books to the Centre.  Teachers who present a bundle of books ‘as Gaeilge’ will read a bundle ‘as Gaeilge’.  Children are not to be involved in the judging of books but, by all means, allow them to see them and read them.  The set can be returned to the Centre as soon as it is read.  Please check delivery dates in the website

-  Each class participating will receive a Special Merit Award.  Mixed classes will be treated as one unit.  Every child participating will receive a Write a Book Certificate.

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